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Clients About Us

Our Marketing Dream Team

"We love using Snow Horse Marketing for everything. Digital Ads, Search, even PR. They are our marketing department. Great communication with our account manager and they are flexible to add services to meet our growing needs."

Sam L

Saves Our Team Time

"Great to work with. Love the monthly reporting with tips on improving what we’re doing. Love our account manager, so organized! Working with Snow Horse Marketing saves our team 60 - 80 hrs of work a week."

Emily F

Customized Packages

"Great marketing firm that can customize packages based on clients needs and budget."

Andrew A

Understands Marketing Needs

"Understands the marketing needs and challenges of small businesses and has effective solutions."

Janice L


“Sarah is a constant professional in the marketing industry!"

Andrew J

Dedicated Team

"Dedicated Team focused on quality outcomes!"

Josh L

Committed to Success

"The people at Snow Horse Marketing are professional and committed to helping their clients succeed.  They are easy to work with and I would highly recommend them."

Sheryl W

Build Personal Relationships

"Abi has been nothing but professional in all interactions and is very skilled at her craft. She also is great at building personal relationships!"

Susan B

Successful PR Campaign

"We really enjoy the monthly reporting or CSR adds logos and designs our ads beautifully for our Digital Marketing. They helped us with our first successful national PR campaign through Pure Wow. It was extremely successful! It seems the longer we work with them the more they help. Which is the reverse of what we have experienced with other agencies. Also their pricing is very reasonable for our company, much more affordable than doing it all in house."

Mary M

Right on Par

"We like the monthly reporting, our CSR is incredible, very responsive. The campaigns have been right on par with what they outlined in the proposal."

Joyce W

Best People in the World

"Some of the best people in the world to work with. always willing to answer any question I may have."

Steven P

Committed to Small Business Growth

"Susan is committed to small business growth through networking and actively supports my goal of expanding my client base. She is definitely someone to have in your corner."

Lisa B