What is a Snow Horse?

Folk tales near Webb's Canyon, UT, tell of a mysterious snow horse that would appear on the ridge each spring. Telling the settlers when the best time to begin planting. If the horse was visible until summer solstice, harvests would be plentiful and the town would flourish. This 'snow horse' was created by snow melt on the side of the mountain.

Snow Horse Marketing was born from a desire to bring great news, immaculate service, and prosperity to everyone. We partner with our clients using data to help them know when and where to plant advertising, create artificial demand and ultimately grow their business. Paid digital marketing, email marketing and fractional CMO support are a few things we do, and that's just the tip of the horseburg.

Why Us?

Snow Horse seeks to work with companies that have a long-term vision of success.

Save Time

Snow Horse saves companies anywhere from 80-160 hours
a month by overseeing digital and email marketing for their clients.

Save Money

We operate as an entire marketing firm without the need to hire
a whole team, saving you between $200,000-$500,000 annually.

Move Your Bottom Line

We have a history of success working with hundreds of companies to increase revenue, brand reputation, lead conversions, and company profitability.

Our Team

Discover the power of nationwide connectivity with our fully remote team. As experts in building lasting partnerships and fostering long-term relationships, we connect with companies all across the U.S. We truly understand your unique identity and the passion driving your business.

Count on us to provide unmatched support for your success!