Elevating Your Website Strategy: Insights from Lead Post CMO, Roy Harmon

September 14, 2023

In this episode of the Snow Horse Marketing podcast, Roy, the Chief Marketing Officer at LeadPost, shares valuable insights gained from over a decade in marketing. His expertise spans various aspects of the field.

Website Visitor Identification Software

Roy addresses the challenge of rising bounce rates due to changing UX trends and algorithms. Website visitor identification software can be used:

  1. as a solution to retain visitors,
  2. to capture data on visitors,
  3. to implement retargeting strategies across channels like email and direct mail.

The conversation shifts to the integration of email marketing in retargeting efforts. Roy highlights the increasing importance of leveraging AI tools within platforms like Marketo and AdRoll. Both Sarah and Roy stress the critical importance of owning audience data. Roy explains LeadPost's approach, allowing clients to gather and analyze data for personalized campaigns.

Roy shares a notable example involving an automotive dealership that achieved an impressive $34 per car sold using website visitor identification and direct mail.

The success lies in the ability to gather extensive data and create highly personalized campaigns.

Roy advises updating privacy policies to reflect the use of website visitor identification. He clarifies that, under LeadPost's approach, GDPR compliance isn't a concern as all data pertains exclusively to US citizens.

Direct mail emerges as a powerful tool, particularly in industries like automotive sales, where it continues to yield substantial results. The tactile nature of direct mail provides a sense of credibility and complements digital efforts.

Roy emphasizes the importance of quality copy and personalized content in cold email strategies. Achieving high open rates requires meticulous planning and a focus on providing value to recipients. In Snow Horse's experience, it's all about knowing your audience.

Want to know more?

Listeners are invited to connect with Roy Harmon on LinkedIn for further insights and expertise. Interested individuals can also explore resources on website visitor identification, retargeting, and other marketing topics on LeadPost's website.

Abigail Shaw
Account Manager
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