From Marketing to Sustainable Wellness with Barella Roberson

January 18, 2024

In the realm of consumer product marketing, Barella Roberson stands out as a consultant and strategist, steering the ship as the CEO of BLK Alchemy—a distinctive brand that merges plant-based body care with sensual wellness.

Barella's journey traverses diverse sectors, from marketing and advertising in pharmaceuticals to a shift into the health and beauty industry. Fueled by a desire to focus on brands promoting health and positive self-worth, she embarked on a mission to redefine beauty standards.

BLK Alchemy

For BLK Alchemy, clarity was paramount. Barella and her partner meticulously defined their objectives, target audience, and the community they aimed to nurture. Choosing the right path meant vetting manufacturers who aligned with their commitment to non-toxic, environmentally safe ingredients—a more expensive route than conventional alternatives. However, this intentional approach positioned BLK Alchemy as a clean brand, resonating with affluent consumers willing to invest in premium, conscientiously crafted products.

In the current landscape, where businesses increasingly opt for health-conscious choices, Barella underscores the importance of targeting the right audience. Communicating values becomes a cornerstone of every touchpoint, ensuring potential customers consistently perceive the brand's ethical stance.

Innovation is Key

As a consultant, Barella lends her expertise to businesses, guiding them to innovate creatively in product and packaging design. She emphasizes that winning companies are those that embrace innovation, particularly in areas that matter. Language plays a pivotal role—effective communication aligns with consumer thinking, even if it demands additional time and effort to find partners and suppliers who share the brand's vision.

The value shift in consumer preferences is palpable. People prioritize quality over quantity, questioning the true cost of inexpensive products manufactured at the expense of fair wages or health risks. Barella challenges consumers to consider the genuine cost of a product, encouraging them to be mindful of the impact on individuals and the environment.

Accessibility and Connection

In a world interconnected by the internet, the accessibility of healthy and sustainable products is on the rise. Shopify stores, producing and packaging in the U.S., contribute to this positive trend. Barella urges consumers to leverage the internet for research, making informed decisions about the products they choose. With considerable power in their hands, consumers can reshape the market landscape, promoting sustainability, health, and ethical practices.

Author's Note:

While this conversation sheds light on the positive shift towards sustainable and healthy products, it's crucial to recognize that accessibility remains a privilege for many. As we celebrate the growing availability of these options, let's remember that many individuals do not have the access or the funds to freely make these healthy and sustainable choices. We as a collective still need to advocate for equitable access to conscious consumer choices, ensuring that the benefits of a healthier and sustainable lifestyle are accessible to all.

Abigail Shaw
Operations Specialist
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